NFC CRYPTO TAG and BRACELET to receive payments

NFC is much cooler than qr-codes or wierd POS-like solution


It can be programmed by yourself with chrome browser web-tool (I will code it)

I am planning to cooperate with a manufacturing company in italy (located not far from me) in order to make the highest quality product.

For project implementation, bureaucratic costs, marketing and other organizational issues, 15,000 eur is enough

If you are interested in it, I can make much detailed plan.


Sounds an amazing idea. I will donate eur 100,00 to start with.


thats a very good idea!

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Smart move :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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