NIM+ETH Use Cases?

Hi everyone, what are your thoughts on signing messages with your Nimiq accounts and then storing them in ETH contracts?

You’d need an Ethereum account + some ETH too, but only for the gas needed to store your vote. Reading would be free, and would require no trust in any API to do the counting as it could all be done clientside after reading from the contract (which is free). There’d be small issues with infura being most people’s access point, but that could change as ETH evolves.

I think this is a better than storing info on the NIM chain itself, and utilizes the synergy between the two chains that can both be interacted with via JavaScript.

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This is a wonderful usecase idea!
Since amount of data in a block is limited on NIM chain, it’s not designed to store much data. ETH seems to offer great synergy and seems to be possible to crosslink both chains via HTLC.
Additionally, this could be used as a great demo of what blockchain can do and how NIM chain works together with major actors.

From downsides - It would be sad to build a usecase that would be used once and then forgotten.
You mentioned gas fees - while they are tiny, they imply that the user has at least some ETH on their account which might not be the case. This might be a bigger factor that will push away users (from NIM side). Ideally a user could use a DEX to pay the eth gas fee with NIM, but there aren’t any to choose from right now.

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