Nim from Faucet, Sunset Cyberspace, Nimtris


i’m questionning myself about the 3 ways to earn NIM. Where these NIM come from ?

Is it NIM locked for marketing which are distributed ?

Thank you

First, you talk about “the 3 ways” probably because the telegram command /earn. But this is just a compilation by the community, it’s not like this is a definitive list or those are “the ways”. Also, the faucet is actually not intended as a way to earn over a longer period of time, but a quick and easy way to get your hands on some NIM when you create a wallet for the first time. So maybe it should be removed from the telegram command…

But to answer your question:

Faucet is operated and funded directly by the team.

Sunset Cyberspace is funded by @Albermonte with ads and from his personal pocket.

Nimtris is funded by @Stefan and supported by the Community Funding Board with 25.000 NIM in July 2020 and 75.000 NIM in May 2020.


Ok, thank you for the explanation :slight_smile: !

You can also try to play NimClick game by @CCK

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