NIMback Project discussion


Amazon Associates make a commission selling products through their referral links. Commission varies between 3% to 8%. If we had a program that could take a product a user wants to buy and create a referral link for it we could offer the user a portion of that commission back in NIM.

Millions of people use Amazon and they all like deals. Once they become proud owners on NIM, even if it’s just because it’s ‘free’, they will feel more invested in Nimiq in general.

Currently I picture it as either a plug in or an app where the user can put the URL or the ASIN # of the product they want into the program and it will generate a referral link for that product.

The more people with NIM to their name will ultimately mean more adoption. I’d love if we could discuss this further!


Is that legal? You could get banned by Amazon for that ‘commission’. I think it’s forbidden to attract people to click the links by giving commission back, even in NIM.


Crypto is indeed considered ‘cash’ by Amazon. Goes against their policies.