NimGraf - Street art to mass adoption of NIM

Project Description :art: (Please read linked image file) :

Physical Airdrop as geocaching game with street art vector to spread Nimiq in France and worldwide, allowing people to know Nimiq, its uses and simplicity.

Project Team :yellow_heart:

@Lug_artist (Telegram, twitter, instagram)
Mail : [email protected]
Street art, geocaching making, head of project

@glemiere (Telegram)
Mail :
NimChase website developper

NimiqMatheo (Telegram)
NimChase website co-developper

@Any0ne22 (Telegram)
NimChase website co-developper

@Danyx11 (Telegram)
Twitter and Social media

As an open project we will recruit in France support persons to help during the campaign (as an experiment with one publication we got 11 more people to help us).

Requested funding :moneybag:

There is three parts in funding : The “airdrop” as NimGraf secure Faucets, the “art” as material and moves, the “infrastructure” as NimChase website.

Total in NIM : 10 000 000 NIM

  • Infrastructure cost (server and website for mass connection) : 1000 USD or +/-500 000 NIM if all is not used we send it back.
  • Geocaching game “airdrop” : 6 000 000 NIM
  • Material (street art part : paints, 12 000 stickers, travels, rewards for helpers…) : 1 500 000 NIM
  • Security audits from Team Nimiq.

External funding

Actually, no external funding expected.

Project Characteristics

  • Open Source (to make it possible everywhere in Earth)

Detailed Project Plan :hourglass:

  • Funding approval
  • Website developpement
  • Street art planning and making + recruitement
  • NimoLith making (helping getting viral in other countries)


  • 1 week spreading NIM in cities : stickers and street art QR codes
  • Secret place and shape for treasure

NimGraf project file :vulcan_salute:

Thanks for reading ! :pray:
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