Nimiq Basics Tutorial Series

Merging all updates and feedback wrt the Basics Tutorial Series here.

I’ve been working on updating the entire Basics series to the all new and great :smiley: Nimiq Client Library v1.5.

Here is the PR, it’s unpolished, but the right moment for early feedback on structure, general content and code style.

Also, use this thread to let me know if you think there is a topic missing for “Basics.”


Nice additions to the basics tutorial. I like that old terminology was removed (including “Iqon”) and that the use of pico is encouraged.

Is there more detailed documentation somewhere on the new client API? It looks very nice, though from what I could see in the tutorial it may be more complex than it was before. I’d like to play with it more before coming to a final decision though.

I imagine all the old code will still continue to work forever and using the client is optional, or will we have to move all code over to use it?

Yes, the client is just an abstraction layer on top of the “old” API. And new features and events will be added to the client. So, it’s good to start new projects with the client lib to take advantage of the improvements there.

FYI, Moving the tutorial code to v1.5 made me realize that not too much changes were needed, and some parts are actually easier now.