Nimiq Buy Back Scheme

Nimiq Buy back Scheme


Step 1: Team starts buying up Nim without making it known and not disrupt price too much before nimiq 2.0 and oasis pro release ($1.5 million)

Step 2 : Announce to community about the buyback scheme once Nimiq 2.0 and Oasis pro is ready for launch . Make it known to the community the buy back is to fund exchange listings , also to integrate exchanges to become staking validators and build awareness . ( whatever the law permits you to do and say)

Step 3 : Release news that Nimiq 2.0 and Oasis pro have been completed and staking can begin .

Step 4: Market buy the remaining $1.5 million dollars slow and steady but allowing the price to grow untill buyers exhaustion .

Step 5 : Contact exchanges about listing Nimiq and becoming staking validators . List on one very top exchange and a ton of mid tear exchanges . Sign NDA if need be and pay a premium that won’t allow the exchange to be able to sell any of the nim minus the fees to integrate on the market for 6 months unless it’s OTC. This way it pushes them to become a validator.

Step 6 : Start heavy marketing tech, staking, oasis pro etc. How to become a staking pool or join staking pools.

Step 7 : Now that we have been heavily marketed, go after all the top exchanges , listings will probably be a lot cheaper now that we’re established and they even may fomo in at cheaper listing cost to become validators . The exchanges will like that they won’t have to buy off the market to become one.

From there I’m sure you know what to do with remaining Nim . That 3 million dollar investment could be could be worth 20 million + betting on ourselves .


Something really should be done more in the marketing field, I have spent a few thousand of my own money in order to promote NIMIQ. I would actually like to get in contact with the team to discuss furthering this advertising as I have a background in it and have been following this project since NET.

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