Nimiq Country Flags - Graphics [Continuation Idea]

Would love to create these myself to submit for open use, but I lack the ability to produce these in good quality - this may be a great idea for someone or a group of people to create a full list of Flags.

Is there already a location for these that exists that I have overlooked? Let me know!


@julian is there a place or resource with all the existing flags?

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It’s on the web page, just download the image as .svg and edit on Adobe Ilustrator or Inkscape.


Awesome! Although this isn’t a complete list, it also is containing duplicates - would be nice to encourage community engagement to fill in the blanks!

Plus this method isn’t an easy way for users to promote their flag around the web or on their profile.

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How cool would it be to eventually be able to overlay these two maps on the network screen, a bit of work definitely - but something to think about.

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:indonesia: Indonesia ( IDR )

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Some flags are not there, a zip pack of SVG and PNG would be nice.

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Hey guys, really like the idea! My approach right now would be to put together a publicly accessible Figma file with all existing flags in it and a template on how to create new ones, including the shadow and hexagon mask. Then people could submit their flags to the collection, or just copy/export the ones they need. Would that be what you’re looking for or would you rather just have a zip pack?


Brilliant!! Thank you Julian!

This sounds great!

It was just the mask and gradient effect I would not have been able to reproduce - if this was available and easy to re-create I’ll give this a stab.

Template and How-To would be ideal. Thanks Julian!

Yeah I subscribe to this. Don’t want to put my country as a reply. Rather it should be on the list to select.

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