Nimiq Forum - How to edit a Wiki

Welcome to the Nimiq Forum!

With the launch of the Nimiq forum through Discourse, the community now has a platform to hold more detailed discussions, collaborations and updates for the many great community projects in our ecosystem.

How to Edit a ‘Wiki’

As part of the Nimiq forum functionality, members will be able to edit wiki’s at will to update or amend information within a topic. This feature is particularly useful if you are a project leader with a number of team members updating a topic (simultatenous editing isn’t available yet).

1. Each ‘Wiki’ will have an ‘Edit’ button on the bottom right of the post.

2. The left hand-side will have an editable area & save edit option to finalise changes.

How to create a ‘Wiki’

Currently only moderators and admins can change a ‘normal’ topic into a ‘Wiki’, however, regular users seeking to create Wiki’s can request it (with the ability to create wiki’s given to trusted users in the future).


Whilst there is no set format for creating a wiki (or post), the preference is toward readability and clarity of the information. Some of the initial posts on the forum can give you an idea on how to layout your post.

Mods & Admins are able to revert changes to posts.

If you have any questions on the functionality of the forum or have suggestions for topics the community may find useful let me know.

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