Nimiq Freelancer app

My idea is for a freelance app for people who would like to be paid in crypto, similar to LinkedIn. It would be for artist, designers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, UI, UX and more. A great way to exposes freelancers to NIM.

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That’s a good idea, did you already make research to no wether or not a website like that already exists integrating cryptos? It’s easier to do integration than build from scratch.

There is one freelancer site that pays in crypto although it is exclusive to this specific cryptocurrency as it is powered by it. Nimiq for freelance site like Fiverr/Upwork has a slight edge because of intergration - payouts, escrow and others, and also a word of mouth campaign that kept NIM’s value high which might boost a freelance site powered by Nimiq (+ OASIS)