NIMIQ Hub/Safe log-in (Connecting a Ledger Nano X)

Hi team,

I have just joined and am glad to be part of the NIMIQ community.

I use the Brave Browser almost exclusively and just want to share my experience when connecting my Ledger Nano X through Hub NIMIQ (

Upon selecting “Connect Ledger”, a Windows Security dialogue box pops up and just keeps on flashing on the screen (see screenshot below).

This “flashing”, continues throughout the whole process until I am finally logged in. In addition, when I click on other applications on my desktop, the flashing dialogue box follows my cursor and overshadows that application.

The log-in sequence are as follows:

  1. Connect you Ledger Device
  2. Enter you Pin
  3. Open the Nimiq App
  4. “Fetching Addresses”
  5. “You’re logged in!”

After I’m logged into my safe, only then will the flashing stop.

At the back of my head, the flashing makes me think I might not be able to log in at all at one point, or even lose my balance in the safe.

Is there any way to stop the flashing or if there is a setting that I might’ve missed out?

Finally, after logging out from my safe, a pop-up states that “logging out will delete custom settings and names for this account…” (see screenshot below).

Is there any way to keep my custom settings and names?

Thanks guys!
Keep up the great work!


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Hi MA_NIM, welcome to the Nimiq community and Forum.

Something I want to make clear is that you don’t have to be afraid to lose your funds. Your funds are always stored in the blockchain and access to your funds is stored within your Ledger. It’s not going to happen that the Safe somehow let your privatekey disappear from your Ledger. That’s how it’s designed, keys never go out of your Ledger. Finally, you always have your 24 recovery words which will always give you access again.

Now going ontopic. Windows is a known problem with browsers + USB. Unfortunately I have to be a bit technical to explain it properly. The Ledger integration is based on a library called Ledgers Fido U2F. At the time Nimiq implemented the Ledger support, that was the only way offered by Ledger. This library works with workarounds and isn’t ideal. Over time more libraries got added like WebUSB and WebBluetooth. As we speak, Daniel of Team Nimiq is working on a transition from Fido U2F to WebUSB. The benefits of changing the library is that it will get rid of the Making sure it's you-prompts and hopefully make it more stable in general.

Hopfully this clarifies your question. I can’t give an ETA for WebUSB though. Just know the Team is working on it.


Hey Stefan,

Thank you so much for the clarification and prompt update. It’s obvious that I am new to blockchain, I am at ease and I have learned something new today, thank to you. :smile:

One last query, when you say 24 recovery words, does that pertain to the recovery words specific to my Ledger device, or for my NIMIQ safe/account?

This is because, when logged into my NIMIQ safe/account using my Ledger, I noticed there is no button to view any recovery words from the drop-down menu on the top right of my NIMIQ account. However, when logging-in using my “Login File” and password, I am able to view my recovery words from there. Basically, I have two accounts, one using the Login File/Password, and the other, by connecting my ledger device.

Once again, thank you Stefan. Sorry if I am very new to this.
Your advice is always appreciated.



I meant the 24 words of your Ledger device. The reason why the Safe can’t show the 24 recovery words of your Ledger is because the private key doesn’t leave the Ledger so the Safe has no way to transform the key into 24 words.

For the LoginFile it’s different. When you use the LoginFile to import your wallet, the private key within the LoginFile is stored locally on your browser (encrypted and thus safe, like the Ledger) but gives the Safe access if you enter your password. This way the Safe can transform these private keys into recovery words.

Glad I could help :smile:



Thank you so much for the help, Stefan!
That clarifies everything.


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Brillant, thank you for your help here @Stefan!!