Nimiq in Ledger Nano X


Nano X cannot be supported natively because there is no support for bluetooth over browser. Jeff was planning a different approach. He will probably talk about it in this thread :slight_smile:


Thanks for starting a topic about this, @Richy

To clarify a little bit: the Ledger Nano X will have two different ways to connect to a host device: USB C and Bluetooth. According to conversations with our contacts at Ledger, the USB method should work without problems, just as it does today with the Nano S.

The Bluetooth method is where things get complicated. Since Nimiq is a web-native project, the ideal scenario would be for us to support wireless Bluetooth communication with the Nano X directly from the Safe, but this requires support at the browser level.

Currently there is a draft specification that seems to provide what we need, but is not widely supported in browsers yet, still, it’s likely that we will be looking to provide support for this as soon as possible so that when more browsers support it, we will be ready (and also so that users with browsers that currently support it can use it already).


The official Ledger JS library already provide support for Ledger Nano X with web-ble.


I just received my Ledger Nano X today :partying_face:

As expected the nimiq app work with the usb connexion but I had just one issue when I imported/created the account for the first time: I had the “fetching addresses” screen for a long moment, then suddenly I saw during 1-2 sec a message saying “Cancel the last operation on the device” or something like that and it got stuck on the loading animation with no text directly after.
I had to go back and restart the import and this time it worked and I got the “Choose avatar screen”.

As someone mentioned on telegram if you do not verify the payment in a 20 seconds time frame there is a timeout with the Nano X and you have to restart the transaction.

Now I’m waiting for the web-ble implementation so that I can avoid the USB-C to USB and USB to USB-C connexion :sweat_smile: