Nimiq integration in FlappyBird clone made with Godot

Nimiq integration in an open source clone of FlappyBird to use it as a playable faucet, just like Nimtris.

FlappyBird is the epitome of a game that is easy to play and difficult to master. That’s why it’s insanely addictive.

Nimiq integration in Godot Engine

Also the game was developed in the Godot Game engine, which is free and open source software under the MIT license. And also have a very passionate community, just like Nimiq :blush:


I like it. I assume GDScript is similar to Python language. If the RPC client for Python is intergrated to Godot, would it work to make getting paid from the game working? Also assuming RPC client is used to make Nimiq functions work in other languages, esp. taking money from faucet, etc.

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GDScript is a Python-like language specifically designed for the engine, it’s not difficult to learn if you are already familiar with Python. There is also a JSONRPC class that could be used to make the requests to the Nimiq RPC server, but I think calling directly the Nimiq JavaScript library from GDScript would be a much better approach. BTW, Godot also supports Python thanks to a plugins system.