Nimiq Marketing : idea for an advertisement


Hi Nimiq Familly,

I doing this post because I’m so frustrated. Yes, frustrated about one thing :

-The none visibility of Nimiq

You guys have gold in your hand but you seems struggling to do " the make know". Indeed, you can have the best product on the world if no one knows that you have this product, you will die in the shadow…

That the reason, I want to propose you an idea for your marketing :
-A short advert in a humour ton.

The mains messages for this advert will be the Pros of Nimiq Vs The Crypto currencies in general.

1/As we Know, Nimiq " credo " is " friendly user focused " => a slogan like " Even you Grand-Ma can do it" ( it is just a idea…) could be fun , easy to associate with nimiq etc…

2/Nimiq claim to be ready to use in less than X min => in the clip, we could have an off voice speaking very quick (in a humour ton) how to set up your fist Nimiq transaction;

3/The clip should also contain a brief benchmark about Nimiq Vs Actual crypto…(a fast matrice or bullets points);

4/On closing, in order to tag Nimiq in the viewer Mind, again with a good humour=> We could see a Cat’s (or something fun…) paw closing a laptop after the first transaction;

5/And what about giving some legs and arms to the actual Nimiq logo, (Yes people loves mascot) ?

Guys, nimiq already have all the component for being a boss in the crypto sphere. Don’t miss this.

Nimiq is for the “Normies” so use normies codes…right now ! Why ? Now you will be the first crypto with a 100% normies approach in all aspects = Original & friendly.

Do it now, before others start to call Marketing Squad who are doing Bleach and Mcdo adverts…

Trust me, if a random project take at least 10% of you concept and do with that 100% of marketing.

You are dead.

The copycat will be in front of you.

Here my 2 cents of a Executif in global strategy who trust in Nimiq


I fully agree with you. Nimiq should try to place itself at least in top50 rank by marketcap on this year. To achieve that Goal, a good and convincing markething strategy has to be accomplished (with partnerships, markething material like Videos, papers and articles, use cases, etc). Imho the ultimative mid-term goal should be to Partner with VISA or Mastercard.


VISA or Mastercard? Those are ‘‘competitors’’. Nimiq is already doing a great job with partnerships. But partnerships are more effective in combination with marketing. Trust me, fully focus on Twitter marketing. Buildup 100,000 followers and you have A LOT of free marketing. It cost something at the beginning but it will pay of afterwards.


Enemy? Maybe, but would connect Nimiq to real world market instantly


Facebook is now allowing crypto related ads. It used to be a real pain to run ads for things like Nimizuela or GetNIM but now it’s going through real easy. Facebook’s ad campaign manager is real easy to set up too. Perhaps it could serve Nimiq well.

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