Nimiq OASIS, Nimiq 2.0 & making a 'splash'


Nimiq OASIS, Nimiq 2.0 & making a 'Splash’

Team Nimiq is thrilled to announce that we are developing a new and potentially disruptive Crypto-to-Fiat bridge in collaboration with the German WEG Bank AG and Swiss-Maltese non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange Agora.Trade.

Read the full medium article here!

Check out the new landing page and one pager here!


really good news!:heart_eyes:


This looks fantastic and could be a real game-changer for want of a less used cliche.

Can you explain what value this would provide for us NIM hodlers please? From what I can gather the NIMIQ team would potentially be collecting some sort of commission or a percentage of the transaction fees but I’d like to understand whether the NIM tokens themselves are intended to be used in any way that would directly increase demand.