Nimiq Quiz for Kahoot and alike

This thread will contain a list of questions that could possible be used for interactive games to engage the community in online activities using platforms like Kahoot.

All questions have a number to facilitate making references to them in discussions about the matter; whether the question is single selection, multiple selection, or binary (specified by the capital letter S, M or B); a difficulty number ranging from 1 (the easiest ones) to 5 (most difficult ones), that is, in the opinion of the person that suggested the question were included; and finally the right answer or answers (in multiple selection) marked with an asterisk (*).

1) What does Nimiq stand for? (S1)

  1. The initials of the co-founders
  2. Inuit word for an object or force that binds things together (*)
  3. Acronym in esperanto for open money
  4. NIM programing language implementation of libraryIQ

2) What does NIM stand for? (S1)

  1. It’s the Nimiq cryptocurrency ticker (*)
  2. It’s the programing language NIM
  3. A recursive acronym for Nimiq Is Money
  4. Hope Never is Monday

3) Why is Nimiq a browser-first blockchain? (S1)

  1. A web browser is needed to connect to the blockchain
  2. A web browser extension is needed to connect to the blockchain
  3. The web browser is needed to authorize the wallet application
  4. Users can connect to the blockchain just using a web browser (*)

4) What does PoW stand for in a blockchain consensus algorithm? (S2)

  1. Probability of Winning a block
  2. Power function
  3. Proof of Waste
  4. Proof of Work (*)

5) What does PoS stand for in a blockchain consensus algorithm? (S2)

  1. Probability of Staking a block
  2. Price of Stake
  3. Proof of Stake (*)
  4. Peer on Sync

6) Is the Nimiq blockchain consensus Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake? (S2)

  1. It is and will always be PoW
  2. It is and will always be PoS
  3. It’s PoW and will switch to PoS for version 2.0 (*)
  4. It’s PoS and will switch to PoW for version 2.0

7) NIM is a token in the Ethereum blockchain (B2)

  • True
  • False (*)

8) What is the smallest unit of value transferable in the Nimiq blockchain? (S2)

  • NIM
  • Luna (*)
  • NET
  • Satoshi

9) What is the ratio of conversion between NIM and Luna? (M1)

  • 1 NIM = 100’000 Luna (*)
  • 1 NIM = 10^5 Luna (*)
  • 1 NIM = 100’000’000 Luna
  • 1 NIM = 10^8 Luna

10) What does HTLC stand for in the Nimiq blockchain? (S2)

  • Hard To Lose Coins
  • Hash Time Locked Contract (*)
  • Hint To Latent Connection
  • Hexadecimal Transformed Logarithmic Checksum

11) What is a Nimiq account in the Nimiq blockchain? (S2)

  • Is all addresses and tokens accesible via a unique private key (*)
  • Is the login and password to access the Nimiq blockchain
  • Is the address to receive payments in the Nimiq blockchain
  • Is the user’s Nimiq avatar

12) What is an extended private key in the Nimiq blockchain? (M2)

  • The encrypted user password
  • The key used to generate all addresses in the account (*)
  • The key used to sign transactions sent to the blockchain from the account (*)
  • The key used to encrypt the full Nimiq blockchain

13) What is a mnemonic phrase in the Nimiq blockchain? (S1)

  • Hint to remember the user password
  • List of words containing all letters in a Nimiq addresses
  • List of words from the standard BIP39 wordlist (*)
  • List of words randomly generated

14) What are the recovery words for a Nimiq account? (S1)

  • Hint to recover the account password
  • Mnemonic phrase used to access an account (*)
  • List of words used by the password recovery form on the Nimiq website
  • List of words used to revert a transaction

15) Nodes in the Nimiq 2.0 responsible for making sure that all blocks added to the blockchain are in corcondance with the rules of concesus are know as (S2)

  • Miners
  • Validators (*)
  • Stakers

16) Nimiq 2.0’s Proof-of-Stake stakers would receive rewards for (S2)

  • Locking temporarly part of their coins in a special contract in the Nimiq blockchain (*)
  • Running computaionaly expensive tasks to find valid blocks in the Nimiq blockchain

17) Nimiq 2.0 will allow delegate staking, which means that (S2)

  • Borrowing your coins to a third party is the only way to obtain rewards
  • Joining a pool ran by a validator will giveyou staking rewards without having to run a validator node yourself (*)

18) Nimiq 2.0 will continue to support CPU and GPU mining alogside staking (B2)

  • False, only staking will be allowed (*)
  • True

19) An atomic swap takes place when two parties perform an exchange in an way that (S2)

  • Only one party can send a transaccion at a time, and only after the first transaction is complete is allowed the second transaction to be send
  • Both transactions in the exchange have to be complete before the exchange expires, otherwise all transactions involved in the exchange are reverted (*)

20) It will be posible to receive staking rewards from a hardware wallet (B2)

  • True (*)
  • False

More questions will be added along the way but feel free to make any suggestions or modifications.

21) A wallet is considered to be cold or cold storage if the device holding its private keys is (S2)

  • Allowed to be online
  • Always offline (*)

22) A wallet is considered to be a hot wallet if (S3)

  • The private keys are on a device that is allowed to be online (*)
  • The device doesn’t store the private keys but is used to connect to a cold wallet

23) HD wallet stands for (S2)

  • High definition wallet
  • Hierarchical deterministic wallet (*)

24) A HD wallet can be used to generate multiple addresses for different cryptocurrencies (B2)

  • True (*)
  • False

25) All Nimiq accounts are HD wallets (B2)

  • True
  • False (*)

26) The current version of the Nimiq wallet only can generate HD wallets (B2)

  • True (*)
  • False
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