Nimiq Testnet - Feedback


Nimiq Testnet - Feedback

Disclaimer: Do not use mainnet Nimiq (NIM) to interact with the Nimiq testnet, always double-check which website you’re on before sending and receiving Nimiq. *

With the recent release of the new Safe, Keyguard, Account Manager and the upcoming changes to the website this thread is dedicated to any Nimiq Testnet specific feedback.


From @SteakandRedWine on Twitter:

“Nice! The image login is pretty slick, though the amount of time it takes for account balance and transaction history to repopulate is mildly disconcerting”

  • Adding a back button on “Send prepared transactions”
  • Adding local time at the corner somewhere in case someone want to screencap their account for future ref
  • Adding notification icon at the top that pops out whenever new project update/news is released
  • When clicking on your own address and a window pops out, show the date of creation of this address can refresh someone’s memory in case they forget the origin of this account

The password input is not focused when you repeat to enter the password.


Already posted it on the dev tg but a bit of redundancy can’t hurt: the login file format with the QR is cool but I’m afraid this will result in be a bit of confusion with the “SCAN” button in the Safe.

In short some people will inevitably try to import their account by scanning it in the sSafe (with nothing happening as a result).

Also let say you want to import an account on your phone from your computer, wouldn’t it be cool if you could just scan the QR from the login file and and boom! it just pops up on your screen?
Right now transferring the file through e-mail or whatever data sharing system is a bit cumbersome to my taste.

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