Nimiq + Thorchain, a marriage written in destiny?

One of the Nimiq’s core elements is being able to atomic swapping crypto and fiat. And yet today, DeFi lacks of any on-off ramp. You still need to move your coins into centralized exchanges for that.

Thorchain (Rune) is a cross-chain dex with a huge ambition: to be able to swap any crypto asset natively (and not just “tokens” on the same blockchain). It already swaps natively coins like Btc, Eth, Doge, BNB, Ltc and it is integrating Luna. But it still would need a coin with a direct access to fiat.


Yes! It’s hard to reach or get these projects’ attention but this would be big for both sides.

Sadly, it is not yet possible to add Nimiq to Thorchain, as it does not support the cryptography that Nimiq uses (Nimiq uses ED25519 keys and signatures). From their How to add a new chain:

Note: At the moment, THORChain only support ECDSA keys, ED25519 will be supported in the near future, you can keep track the progress from here