Nimiq video explanation

How do you explain Nimiq to new users?
Ideas here are taken in consideration for possible explanatory videos, presentations and general content made by community members.


I would love it if there were a YouTube video link I could refer people to that would simply and clearly explain the benefits of Nimiq and it’s underlying technologies. Is Nimiq just another Bitcoin fork? (See: No)
Just a few mins long explaining why it’s different and how everyday users along with develops can get on board.
Something fun like Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell where a complex topic is explained in a fun and informative fashion.

I would like a modern markething video, beautiful and interesting to watch, showing what Nimiq is about and what problems it solves. Something like the video on the Elastos homepage for instance.

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Nimiq is a new kind of money. Made for the digital age. It is fun and easy to use. The best way to understand it is to give it a try => / Cashlink

Also I like to explain to people that money changed a lot through history and that crypto/nimiq are the normal evolution after fiat currencies (and talk a bit about the evil central banks, and soon about the e-coin from the evil gafa).

Let’s make it fun!


We actually started with the One Pager to have a foundation to be able to do creative things like this video.

First thing to consider is the audience. I’d go for very simple language than can be understood by non-techies and also people that don’t speak English as a first language.

Next thing is the topics that need to be there.

The must-have’s:

  • What are cryptocurrencies, what’s the difference between one and the other and why is Bitcoin the most popular.
  • Nimiq is inspired by Bitcoin and keeps all the initial features that make Bitcoin popular:
    • Decentralized - not own by any central authority.
    • Border-less - it can be used in any country.
    • Safe - Your private key controls your funds. No one can access your account without the private key.
  • Nimiq adds new features to increase the usability and potential adoption of a cryptocurrency:
    • Browser-First - it is design to be able to work completely in your Browser. Which means:
      • No installation required for users.
      • No third-party servers required to send a transaction (a strong argument can be made here in comparison to Bitcoin and others)
    • Identicons - fun to use, help to avoid double checking the address, prevent from clipboard hijacking threats
    • Design and UX - Nimiq cares for usability and aims for the ‘it just works’ feeling that cryptocurrencies lack so far.
    • Easy to code with - A developer can integrate Nimiq to a webapp with few lines of code. This enables one of the biggest communities of coders: web developers.

I‘d rather expose the tech in order to make people understand, that Nimiq is about highest quality, highest performance and highest reliability. Further, to show that Nimiq is getting ready to compete with the top coins.

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You should absolutely mention Albatross also. Mass adoption is about scalability first of all. Solving scalability is definitively the holy grail of crypto today.

Even though it’s an old thread, I’d like to share this thread which has a short video we just released which explains Nimiq.

Let us know if you like it and if there are any areas of improvement.

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