New Nimiq explanatory video is live!

We worked a lot on this new video and aim to do more explanatory videos in the near future. What do you think about it? Please share your feedback, it helps a lot to improve :muscle:

Also, what do you think about the “Crypto Made Easy” tagline / slogan?


“…everyone can participate. How? With a node in a browser. …”

-> In simple words for all mainstream noobs:

The internet becomes a decentralized payment network.

Nimiq builds a payment protocol on top of the internet.

I had a little discussion about the video “Meet Nimiq - Crypto made Easy” with someone that I presume is a Bitcoin maximalist in a spanish group on telegram.

In short, and I’m paraphrasing what this person told me:

Lets say Bitcoin relies on third party apps because most people can’t (or don’t want to) run a Bitcoin node. If that’s the case then Nimiq also has to rely on third parties, namely web browsers.

After, I explained to him that web browsers are constantly audited and updated by corporations interested in keeping the technology secure, we both “agreed to disagree” because, and I’m paraphrasing again:

The affirmations in the video that imply that Bitcoin needs intermediaries and that browsers are safe are controversial… at least for Bitcoin maximalists.

So, maybe it would be a good idea to have a short video explaining why accessing the blockchain directly from a web browser makes perfect sense.

I can imagine something like this:

Web browsers are windows to the internet. That’s why corporations like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, open source projects like Firefox and Chromium, and cyber security companies, all work in concert together to audit, improve, and update web browsers to make them one of the most advanced and secure pieces of technology there is.

Blockchain is also in that category of the most advanced and secure technologies, because it has to be to support cryptocurrency as mean of exchange and store of value, without any trusted parties.

Blockchain also lives in the internet, it even has been called the “Internet of money”. But to access the blockchain people has to install third party apps or web browser extensions.

That is, until now… meet Nimiq, the browser-first blockchain.

Ta-Da (fanfare) :exploding_head: