NIMIQ visibility program


[CAPSLOCK_CREW] - “More visible? Obviously better!”
I would like to invite you to a joint project which aims to popularize the project. I plan to launch a pilot program to increase the visibility of the NIMIQ brand on the internet.
In connection with the business and analytical experience that I have thanks to work in the IT industry - recently in data analysis using AI technologies - I believe that increasing the frequency of the appearance of words / opinions / podcasts / memes will help increase the visibility of the project. How? we need to allow the search enginges of different mediums to find key words of out project so they can proceed them, position them and make them more visibile around the web. it will definitely take time yet if You believe that NIMIQ project has a bright future we better prepare for it when the time comes.

As a “thank you” to the team that implements the fantastic project as well as our small community without which the project would not be possible (ICO’s, miners, traders, community members), I would like to donate 100,000 NIMIQs for this purpose in the first month of the campaign. And if anyone is interested in particpating in the joint operation pleas pm. me; )

Donated NIM amount will be spend on peoples effort to spread the word about NIMIQ on different mediums. We are not about to FUD and harras people with spam or regular meme bombarding. We are for quality content and good networking:
-do You run blog?
-do You know a crypto blogger?
-do you now a person who is about to launch his own vblog?
-are You a member of a trading group?
-to You know exchange that is making free listing via community vote? can You sign up for the list?
-can You make daily / weekly posts on 4chan with quality non-agressive content?
-are You a member of a mining group? (i’m miner myself so competition is not good for me yet …)
-endless amout of way to ignite search engines / bots radars to be more visible … You can post any here.

First of all I (and any1 who is about to join the funding board) need to find a way out to determine how reward the work of involved members. I would like to do it via paying for task done: every single “click” is valid.

-thread on 4chan - 2-5k?
-meme / post via twitter 1-2k?

all of this was written after the new eve’s party and in rush so consider it as the begininng.

*I am not a member of the team, I am not involved in the project in any way, I am not financially or legally associated with it. I’m an ordinary miner /trader that hope to see NIMIQ succeeding;)

Pleas, share Your ideas and opinions; )


Good initiative. Your plan brings up a few questions. Is 100,000 NIM war chest enough? Is there a benefit in having people post messages for money?

Its 100k from me for now, if it works i might raise the pot.
I work with data systems and i believe that once the system mark You as a “outlier” u r out of the game till u make a big move that has to be noticed.
But u can get back to the main data channel (twitter, facebook, reddit, 4chan, people-hive-conciusness, mining forums, trading forums, crypto exchange forums etc). if You dont have data-volume: search engine / data processing engine see that there are 2348 NIMIQ quotations only it may ommit it and then facebook might decrease its range etc.

I’m doing some random shills and agressive attacks to “non-NIM” holders & I’ll be doing it for fun anyways :smiley:
If you wish to reward such behaviour, be my guest :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally have given away around 40k nim in puzzle hunts which felt like a good reward for more tech savvy people and possible brought some newcomers. Recap here: