Nimiq Vision & NimiqLIVE Unique Funding Proposal

Nimiq Vision & NimiqLIVE Funding Proposal

Project Description:
There are two items up for a funding request in this unique proposal;


Nimiq Vision (Expand)

Nimiq Vision is a donation overlay focused at streamers allowing them to accept NIM and show the amount + transaction message on their streams.


  • Nimiq Vision listens for transactions on a specific wallet address, upon detection of a new transaction - a donation alert is shown.
  • NV is developed with JS, code is ran locally in the browser. Users set a Browser Source as the function for overlaying transactions on top of their existing stream.
  • A profanity filter has been added to NV to ensure that incoming donation messages remain PG and suitable to all.

Goals for Nimiq Vision:

  • Allow customization on donation alerts, I would like users to have the ability to select from a list of preset donation templates.
  • With increased usage on Nimiq Vision, I intend to use the NV Twitter page as a way to promote Twitch/YouTube streamers who are live and are actively using Nimiq Vision.

Demo: Nimiq Vision


NimiqLIVE (Expand)

NimiqLIVE is an ambitious 24/7 live stream, with the intention of providing a live resource for new users to learn about Nimiq happenings and the ecosystem.

  • Educational resources at this stage is just official Team Nimiq videos from YouTube (
  • Python scripts have been developed to send messages in Twitch Chat on a timer, generally encouraging a call to action from the user.
  • Another python script has also been setup to reward active users with NIM (More below)
  • Scroll bar with advertisements, for businesses/games & communities accepting and encouraging of NIM.

Goals for NimiqLIVE:

  • Improve retention rate of viewers, develop a dedicated community.
  • Improve UI/UX.
  • Develop features to encourage viewer participation.

From January 28th/29th, a feature to randomly select and reward viewers for interacting with the stream was implemented.
The call to action requires them to enter an on-screen code, once entered they are eligible for a chance at X NIM for X period. (i.e 1NIM every 5 minutes for 1 hour)
After this period has expired, all viewers have to re-enter a new code on stream to be eligible again.
The tipping feature is used in conjunction with the Coinkit Twitch integration.

I’ve attached some screenshots below to show how this single feature has improved various metrics for retention/activity the hope and intention is that this would continue to improve as the stream becomes more interactive.

Metrics Screenshots (Expand)

Website: Twitch

Project Team (Expand)

Project Team
Harley - Highly motivated independent. I have an over ambitious imagination for features & project ideas, I work daily on Python or JS code for both NimiqLIVE and Nimiq Vision. I am generally able to find the answer I need to make something work.

E-mail: [email protected]
Telegram: @Harlski
Discord: Harlski#1406

That’s it!

Requested Funding (Expand)

Requested funding
200USD in NIM per week (*)
Mentorship (**)

I would hope to consider the above funding in exchange for my time - with also intent to use this funding for incentives for viewers of NimiqLIVE and streamers using Nimiq Vision. Anything necessary to improve NL or NV would come from these funds, UX/UI improvements etc.

I intend to use a portion of this funding to convert NIM to Bitcoin via Oasis, this Bitcoin will be used to purchase local gift cards mainly as a source for food & groceries to maintain livability.

(*) I feel the amount suggested for funding is reasonable with note to the following:
Both NimiqLIVE & Nimiq Vision are used to increase visibility and adoption of Nimiq, these projects are intended to help provide value to Nimiq - as these projects grow I would assume that the value of NIM would also grow. Assuming this logic is correct, the amount of NIM received each week would reduce while the value remains the same.

(**) NimiqLIVE has been operational for a good part of 2021 & Nimiq Vision was essentially created alone (Although with some help from community members upon request) It’d be nice to have a direct line of communication or input from the core team to ensure I’m not conflicting on core values or representing a poor image of Nimiq.

As this is a unique funding proposition, I’m happy for specific conditions to be met.
With approval of this funding, I’m also happy to on-board other conditions that may be necessary.

Conditions are that of:

  1. I maintain activity on these projects, at anytime if I’m deemed inactive or to have abandoned these projects funding can cease.
  2. The funded wallet address can be made publicly available, this is to provide transparency on the use of funds.
  3. I behave in good faith, politeness & a good attitude are important requirements to make these projects successful.
External Funding (Expand)

External funding
At this stage, both Nimiq Vision and NimiqLIVE have been self funded - though I’ll note the following:

As NimiqLIVE is based on Twitch, subscriptions and ad revenue is technically a source of income/funding, though quite minor. As of writing this post the payout balance is 23.91 with a $100 threshold for payment to be released.
NimiqLIVE also has the option for users to promote their projects via the on-screen scrolling advertisements, however no payments have yet been accepted from any of the displayed projects.

I also intend to keep Nimiq Vision free, I don’t have any plans for premium features at this stage.

Project Characteristics

Nimiq Vision:
Open Source

Closed Source (For now, python scripts may be made available in future)
Ran and hosted from my desktop computer

Detailed Project Plan

  • Nimiq Vision UI/UX overhaul - fund a new intuitive logo & responsive website.
  • Increase tipping frequency and value on NimiqLIVE (Currently 12 NIM per hour, 288NIM max per day)
  • Actively provide donations to users of Nimiq Vision, to improve visibility of Nimiq on users stream.
  • Organize regular giveaways to the community for contributions.

No deadlines as these projects already exist and are active, funding essentially is a helpful tool to improve the quality and focus of direction for both projects. There are a lot of variables to make these two projects work well in conjunction with each other, so a complete A to Z plan isn’t available.

I am active a minimum of 8 hours per day on NimiqLIVE responding to comments & questions about Nimiq. I’m hoping the funding board can see my Nimiq Vision (Pun intended) with my contributions.

Happy to speak via voice call with the funding board to address any concerns or clarify anything that is unclear/provide further justification.

Thanks for reviewing this unique funding request!

NimiqLIVE Twitch: Twitch
Nimiq.Vision Demo: Nimiq Vision