Nimiq wallet launcher home screen shortcut - Nimiq app

Hi Everyone, I’ve been using Nimiq Wallet since September 2022.

I’ve just implemented a neat trick laid out in the video below by the Nimiq team - how to create a Nimiq Wallet home screen button - access Nimiq Wallet from your home screen as if it were an app!

Basically, it sounds great from a technical perspective that Nimiq is browser-based so that it works easily on all devices and platforms.

However, the convenience of a home screen button like you get with an app is a nice touch, as is rocking the golden hexagon on your home screen.

Watch the video below to find out how to get a button on your home screen (iOS and Android).

Comment below if you learnt something useful from this post or have further tips for making Nimiq Wallet access more convenient.

I’ve now also added a home screen launcher for the Nimiq Crypto map! Crypto Map