NimiqChina - Project Proposal

NimiqChina Funding Proposal

Project Description

People always like suffering with their own native language, and specially most of Chinese can’t understand the complicated blogs or reports very well in English like the Nimiq official posts, news and updates from Nimiq community. That’s why NimiqChina mainly aims at the Nimiq fans in China or the people who prefer to read any Nimiq information in Chinese. It works more like a community website about everything of Nimiq. It was launched on January 2018 and has already been serving for more than two years.

Project Website

Seed node


Project Team


Discord: Miao#6120


Email: [email protected]

Project Type

Not Open Source.

Requested Funding

Total: 298 USD
Webserver Cost for 1 year(4 USD/Month) 48 USD
Seed node Cost for 1 year(25 USD/Month) 250 USD (15% OFF)

Project Plan

  • Try to get visibility in China mainland and attract more people into Nimiq ecosystem.

  • Help Chinese community to catch up the latest news of Nimiq.

  • Improve the blockchain syncing time and stability for the users who located in China mainland.

  • Make Chinese community great.

  • Keep this project alive as possible as I can.


Hello Miao! Great initiative, I’d be willing to support the project for sure.
How to get involved? (in the funding I mean) If it’s in NIM, then maybe placing a “donate” button somewhere would be helpful. (either here if it’s possible, or onto the webpage)
If it’s in USD, then… how? :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
Donate NIM button now is in the right-bottom of website.
For your convenience or even someone else, you can simply click this link for donating NIM to NimiqChina project.
Thank you guys again.

Come on guys, drum up some support to NimiqChina project, and consider to donate. I view this small action (25k NIM) rather as an investment, than a spending. Go Miao, Go NimiqChina! :slight_smile:


Thank you a lot! I would say you are very generous and what you donate is even greater than the total donation of NimiqChina. :star_struck:


Hi Miao,

Thank you for applying this project proposal, we will talk about it in community funding board at the meeting of july :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Integration with WeChat Pay would be a must have. It is the most adopted payment system in China.

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