NimiqLIVE - Discussion/Feedback

Hey guys, thought I might just make a thread here regarding NimiqLIVE.

I’m looking to host this channel 24/7, however as it is something I shouldn’t have complete control over - I’m opening this up as a community project if anyone is interested in making changes or developing features to support users experience.
Please let me know.

While currently it’s very bare and more focused on trade price (something I would like to move the main focus away from) It’s a great time & opportunity to take advantage of the Crypto category on Twitch. If you’re able to pop in and have a chat, please do.

I’m currently working on a donation alert/marquee, something that will scroll at the bottom of the screen - with donators nimiicon and the data attached to their donation (Message). While this is something that would suit this channel, we will also be getting tools that will become available for other users, as we are looking to add anything created to a Github repository.

On a normal day we only need about 10 users to be in the top 4 spots of the Crypto category - this should be great opportuntiy for visibility.


PS. Find me on Telegram if you want to have a chat @harlski