@NimiqShill Telegram Channel

Hey everyone!
This post is an introduction to the Telegram Channel @NimiqShill.

What is the purpose of NimiqShill?

We created NimiqShill as a quick and straightforward way to coordinate community efforts around Nimiq. It’s all about the likes, comments, retweets and shares.
It’s also a good way to relay information to other communities, like the local Nimiq communities.

What gets posted in NimiqShill?

NimiqShill is a telegram channel, not a group. So there is no discussion there, only content shared. We share everything that is related to Nimiq on social media, where interactions and further sharing makes sense. This includes for example:

  • Tweets of influencers about “Tell me your favorite coins”
  • Polls where you can vote for Nimiq
  • Videos or other content where Nimiq is mentioned and social support is needed
  • Articles about Nimiq that need to be shared and commented on.

Basically all pieces of social media content that help us branch out and connect with other audiences. NimiqShill is not a news source for inside the Nimiq ecosystem however, for example tweets by @nimiq are not shared there. Also content in this channel is supposed to be construcitve, not destructive.
We don’t want content to be shared that’s associated with

  • brigading / downvoting other projects
  • harassing other people for their opinion, for example when criticizing Nimiq
  • promoting illegal activities or incenticizing to perform those

Who is subscribed to NimiqShill?

We target all community members who seek to support Nimiq on social media and spread relevant content further. NimiqShill is for english content only.

Who posts the messages in NimiqShill?

NimiqShill is maintained by long-term members of the community. Those are mainly the Ambassadors and Local Community Managers, as well as other long-term supporters of the project that are active on social media.

You can find the channel here: https://t.me/NimiqShill
Happy shilling and Pura Vida!