NimiqX - Project Proposal

NimiqX Funding Proposal

Project Name


Project Description

NimiqX is composed of seven projects. The main project is Nimiq APIs (, which is a simple, mostly RESTful JSON API for interacting with Nimiq blockchain, accessed over HTTPS from the domain. It has around 40k requests daily and more than one million requests monthly for now.

The other subprojects are listed below:

Project Team


Discord: Miao#6120


Email: [email protected]

Project Type

Not Open Source.

Requested Funding

Total: 393 USD
Server Cost for 1 year(31.50 USD/Month) 378 USD
Domain Renew for 1 year 15 USD

Project Plan

  • Mining calculator will be deprecated after the PoS launches. May build a staking calculator instead.

  • Make current repository compatible with Albatross or refactor the back-end codes with Rust.

  • Mainly focus on API, Metrics, Converter and bots. Add new features and improve the user experience.

  • Keep this project alive as possible as I can.


Hi Maoi,

Thank you for applying this project, i personaly use the api alot for my little projects! we will talk about it in upcomming funding board :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: