Project Proposal Template


Below you can find a suggested template for a project proposal.

You can find a real proposal as example here.

Project Description:

Include a detailed explanation of what is the goal of the project. Describe its audience, desired features and general features.

Project Team

Team members, their area of expertise, role and relevant information.

Requested funding

Describe the different reasons where you need funding and be specific about how you plan to use the funds for each. Is important to provide reasonable, well-thought realistic expenses like:

  • Infrastructure costs (like servers hosting)
  • Security audits from Team Nimiq.
  • Technical advice from Team Nimiq.
  • UI/UX design from Team Nimiq.
  • Misc costs required to create an MVP or, in the case of a not-for-profit project, costs to maintain the project.

Rewards for the developers of the team might be given when the project is presented. Such rewards are decided by the board by analyzing the project itself and the work it was necessary to build it.

External funding

Have you received, or plan to receive, funding other than the requested to the Nimiq Community Funding Board. This includes planned business models of your project.

Project Characteristics

Is the project:

  • Open Source
  • Backend/Frontend or both
  • Non-Profit

Detailed Project Plan

Current plans and expected development times for the project. Future ideas or follow-up projects are also appreciated.


If any, include: prototypes, mock-ups. initial designs.

How to request for Project Funding