NordVpn and Nimiq Issue

Greetings, it would appear that when visiting the website from a mobile (Android) device with Nord VPN running, the website is unreachable (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED}.

Has anyone else discovered this issue?

Note. disabling NordVpn solves the issue for the moment.

Apart from this, very happy and think Nimiq (and apps) have a bright future ahead, keep up the hard work:)

Thank you, I have forwarded this to our IT team. I’ll let you know if we find anything.

Great, thanks for the swift reply.

Additionally this does not seem to be an issue running NordVpn on Linux or Win 10.

Mobile Info:
-NordVpn App version
-Android version 10

Thanks again.

Do we have any update with regards to VPN users on android ?
Still having to disable my VPN every time i want to access my wallet on my phone!

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Sorry for the late reply.

It seems the app Version of NordVPN uses a different kind of blocklist than the desktop versions and seems to block the Nimiq domain.

So the only recourse is to try to get NordVPN to change their blocklist.

Thank you for the reply.

As more people become aware that ISP’s (and others) are sharing our data, and for security (man in the middle attacks etc) , the uptake of VPN’s such as NordVpn will become more common practice going forward.

As such and in light of your findings, I will contact NordVpn with regards to their mobile versions of their app, and thus try and resolve this issue on behalf of Nimiq and the community.

I will keep you posted.