Notification Sound for Nimiq Wallet

I think it’s a feature that would be nice if notification sounds were added for the Nimiq Wallet. I used the storytelling method to explain this idea to you. I divided the notification sounds into 3 categories.

Send-Incorrect operation-Receive

Send action
I want to send money from Nimiq Wallet. I went to I pressed the send button. Then I filled out the form (Wallet address to be sent, Nim amount to be sent). After pressing the Send button, I see a Pending text (Keyguard stage is not included.) and then a huge silence. If I press a real button, there will be a squeaking sound at worst. Even this squeaky sound is transmitted to the human brain as a sound indicating that it interacts with the button.

Go to Netflix and choose a content (TV series, movie). When you press the Play button to open this content, you will see Netflix’s intro. This intro consists of an animation of the Netflix logo and the opening sound. If we ask the question why the intro does not consist of just a visual or a silent animation, my answer will be: The sound that I call that opening sound is actually a notification sound. This notification sound is a script that informs the human brain that the content will start after pressing the Play button and that the action is approved. As I said at the beginning, this is my opinion. We can count dozens of companies that have such notification sounds (Sony, Warner Bros, Playstation, etc.). From this point of view, it can be said: After pressing the Send button, a notification sound reaches the human brain as a confirming and warning message.

Incorrect operation
I was supposed to send a Nimiq to my friend this morning. While copying the Nimiq address that my friend sent me via WhatsApp, I selected one character missing and copied it. (AHH… You should never make a transaction before drinking your morning coffee.) Of course, I didn’t realize that I had selected the missing character and I went and pasted it on the form (in the wallet address section inside the Send button) to transfer from Nimiq Wallet. Then I pressed the Send button. The transaction was not accepted. A notification sound can be added exactly here. What might this notification sound look like? Maybe it’s the sound of hitting a big bell with a powerful mallet, which should mean: Oh damn man you made a mistake here, go and fix it. I think that was a little rude. :sweat_smile: . For ladies and gentlemen: You made a mistake here, please check. In this sense, a notification sound can be nice.

Receive action
Today is my payday. I wonder when my boss will send me my salary. Is it when you wake up in the morning (6 in the morning) or at the peak of the night, in the last minutes of the day (23.59)? I am impatient. I log in and check out my Nimiq Wallet every 15 minutes. I look at every notification sound with the potential to be a money transfer (I am waiting for the notification I mentioned to come through the Trust Wallet, since the Nimiq Wallet-Trust Wallet are connected). Even now I have the phone in my hand. Another notification came. I see where did it come from? From Telegram… A bot that puts photos of a woman as beautiful as a goddess on her profile, wrote “Hi”. I wish I could hear a different notification sound when money comes to my Nimiq wallet. Some bank apps use coin sounds in notification sound. It makes you feel pretty special. “You got some money, Man.” Premium feel. Maybe Nimiq also wants to make its users feel special and creates a special notification sound.

It would be nice to add a notification sound for Nimiq, which adopts a simple and easy-to-use principle. Even if it is not of visible size, it will still be an effective feature. I have a small suggestion about the tone of the notification sound, I will add a link for it. Sample notification sound for Nimiq.mp3 - Google Drive (It’s an mp3 file link in Google Drive. I added it myself, it’s reliable.)
It’s easy and inexpensive to make a notification sound or have someone else do it.
If you want, you can easily do it even in the office. And this will be a very fun job for you. If the Nimiq team is going to do this, be sure to shoot a vlog while doing it. We can also have fun by watching it on Youtube.

Dear Nimiq users and team members, do not hesitate to give your opinion on this matter.
You can write an excellent idea (I like it the most), it can be done, but it’s okay, who cares, I have no idea. I’m open to any answer.


That sounds good. I will be even happier if I hear a nice sound when money comes into my wallet.

No. Bad idea, increases the number of dependencies. I can’t even access over a VPN.

I think this can be implemented using Push Notifications - it’ll have system-wide sound instead, which user can adjust or mute any time