OASIS infosite feedback

We released a new infosite about Nimiq OASIS. Feel free to share your feedback here.


To further add to Richy’s post, I’ll add a link: https://www.nimiq.com/oasis/

Currently TEN31 is offering the FIAT part of the swap - can they be considered as a single point of failure for now? (Not fudding, but trying to understand weak points which can be improved)

Loved the usecase example. PErhaps nothing fancy for crypto OGs and devs, yet simple to understand for newcomers and traditional business.

Too bad the documentation isn’t available yet, that’s the interesting part :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, awesome info site, I love to see how it plays out! :slight_smile:
Maybe it would be nice to have a FAQ section for trivial questions like “do I have to create an account at ten31 bank?”
“can I use my Neteller/Revolut/whatever e-money IBAN account I have?”
“what is the difference between a dex, and oasis itself?”
“what if Bob doesn’t want to claim the fiat immediately?”
“will there be any daily limits/person or account or address?”
Things like that.
I might went over it, but Salamantex may deserve a direct mention also - in case merchants reading the page.

All in all, I’m very delighted how you guys progressing! :slight_smile:


Not as if I’d be worried about the commercial banks’ profit, just wondering what’s the alluring aspect for a bank to enable Oasis to their customers? Setting up and maintaining a platform, from which they can not harvest(?) any money.

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Fastspot: Name of beneficiary: TEN31 Bank -> better: Nimiq OASIS HTLC