OASIS Infrastructure Update

Dear Nimiq Community,

we’re excited that TEN31’s OASIS Pro has entered its final implementation phase.

The upgrade to another clearing partner is (and always was) part of their OASIS Pro update and is already in a very advanced stage. Unfortunately, TEN31’s current clearing partner has terminated all crypto-related activity before the update was ready, which will make the fiat-swaps using TEN31’s OASIS instance expected to be unavailable for a short amount of time. While we intend to minimize the downtime, it is unavoidable.

OASIS fiat-swaps will be unavailable from Thursday, September 29th at 10 AM CEST.

The NIMIQ wallet is of course unaffected by this and is available as usual. With this upgrade to OASIS Pro, users will benefit from the following features:

  • New clearing partner – the onboarding is in full swing.

  • Increased swap speed – enabled by the new clearing partner.

  • TIPS (TARGET Instant Payment Settlement) network integration (bringing OASIS to clients of many EU banks not currently supported) – enabled by the new clearing partner.

  • $5,000 monthly limit with the ‘TEN31 Pass’ KYC solution (the current registration-free limits remain) – implemented and ready to go.

  • SuperSimpleSwap Referral support for all updates – implemented and ready to go.

We appreciate your patience as we move toward an all-improved OASIS Pro for the Wallet and SuperSimpleSwap. We are working around the clock on the integration and testing of the updated system. We promise to let you know as soon as it is complete.

Pura Vida!

Max, Team Nimiq & Matthias for TEN31 Bank


Super exciting! Would have loved to see a limit higher than $5k for OASIS Pro with KYC - is that planned in the near future?


For the beginning of OASIS Pro, it will start with a first ‘reasonable’ limit raise to adjust backend structures to the higher limits and trading volumes.

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Hello, after your update is finished will I still be able to use Sepa transfers to Ten31 at the lower limit of Euro1000 and not go through KYC as I have up to now? I don’t need the higher limit and don’t wish to pass further KYC. Thank you.


Hello Anastasia! Yes, 1000€ per 30 days will stay KYC-free, nothing will change for you. :+1:


Thank you.

Another question: What type of KYC will you be asking for over Euro1000 limit? Will the non-KYC Sepa transfer limit ever be increased? Thank you.

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Awesome! When can we expect this to be available again?

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Hello, please would you be able to share what type of KYC will be asked for over Euro1000? Also will the non-KYC Sepa transfer limit ever increase? Thank you.


Hi Anastasia!

Due to the FATF’s Travel Rule regulation the non-KYC limit cannot be higher than 999,00 €. TEN31 will be asking for two-factor authentication and a full KYC including a video-ident procedure.

I hope this info helps!

Kind regards,


Hi, Could you let us know when you’re expecting everything will be done and online again?

Hi @Max @NimiqSoeren ,

I already tried to ask 2 times but I’ll try it one more time.
Could you give us an ETA for when we can use SuperSimpleSwap again?

Thanks in advance…

Hi James!

The reason we didn’t answer is that we didn’t know. But it’s right around the corner now!

Kind regards,


Hello, Please any further updates as to when Atomic swaps via Sepa transfers can resume? Thank you.

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Hi @Max

We’re super curious but could you give us an update about when we’ll be able to use Atomic swaps / SuperSimpleSwap again? (@Anastasia )


Good morning @Anastasia and @James!

Please take a look at the lastest community update about OASIS: Nimiq – Nimiq OASIS Community Update

Please make sure to follow our social channels to not miss any updates on OASIS and the Proof-of-Stake update!

Best regards,