Password not going through

my password to buy Nim with OASIS is not accepted. I’m sure it is the correct one. What to do?

When you setup your account you had to download a Login File. With that file you can restore your account. I recommend opening a new private window in your browser and check if you can restore your Account using the Login File or the recovery words( if you have written them down). If that works just do the same without private browsing.

Thank you for your response. I tried with the Loginfile on a private window, but the same problem persists. I now possess a Ledger, so managed to open a new account on Ledger, would like to transfer the other nimiqaccounts/ amounts to Ledger but need password also for this. The problem was there before I made the ledgeraccount. I hope to find a solution with someone!

If you encounter the same problem with the Login File then you probably don’t have the right password . Nobody can help you with that unfortunately. But the good thing is that you have unlimited tries and some day you might remember the correct password. ( Quick reminder: Don’t send the file or password to anyone who is pretending to help you)

I am 100% sure about my password!!! I have used it earlier. I really wish I could get help. Sorry, this feels really bad. Of course I have recovery phrases, everything…

In case you have your 24 words, you can log out. Use your 24 words to login and setup a new LoginFile with a new password.

Thank you Stefan, I have not tried yet, because meanwhile Wilson from the Nimiqtech team gave me a ticket, asked my email id to try to solve the problem. They also asked me some screenshots, I hope all this is and will be allright.

Be careful. This sounds like a scam. Nobody of the team will contact you directly and ask you for such information.

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Yes I got a feeling…the request came through notification. I will not pursue but they have my email id and a screenshot of my network.

Is it possible that you use an older version of brave? Had the same issue with the password with another community member lately, after updating the brave version it worked.