Payment Networks Supported on Nimiq Pay

Payment Network Supported
Bitcoin Lightning Yes

Add suggestions below :point_down:

I seem to recall that Bluecode was on your roadmap some years ago. I notice that it’s no longer there. Is progress still being made or did the team encounter issues?

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Since this thread is quiet I will make a rather obvious suggestion: integration with some sort of real-money payment network (SEPA, FPS, Visa, etc). Back when OASIS was first introduced I was blown away by its elegance; I truly believed it had the chance to become the killer crypto app when paired with 2.0’s one-second confirmations.

I only follow this project here on this forum as well as Twitter on occasion. But you guys have a tendency to say nothing at all unless there’s good news. What is the fate of SEPA/OASIS/SuperSimpleSwap/Ten31? What was the result of your exploration into UK faster payments? I’m almost certain the primary obstacle is regulation but it would be nice for you to communicate this. I’m sure I’m not the only person wanting to know. For example, in the link above the user asked 14 months ago about the results of your investigation into GBP support. He has yet to be answered.

Even my initial reply in this thread went unanswered. Admittedly something approximate to an answer was conveyed in Max’s recent interview on the Frankfurt exchange but I had to stumble upon that myself.

I live in a small village in the middle of nowhere. Card readers only became commonplace in the past six years; many stores remain cash only. While it’s nice to see Crypto Map hotspots multiply over time there is no way I’ll be able to use Nimiq Pay until it’s compatible with a mainstream payment network.

That said, keep up the good work. I’m rooting for you.