Poll: Vote for the Community Rank Flairs!

So as a way to differentiate the engagement different members have in our Community, we’ve established a Community Rank system which you can read about here. A way to differentiate them is to have a flair in the corner of each member’s avatar. There are a few propositions, so we’d like you to vote!

Just give a :heart: to JUST ONE of the posts which you think has the best flairs, and we’ll implement that.


Here are the flairs as is:

Here is how they would look applied to a specific avatar:

reds_ninja !reds_samurai



Hey ralv, would you mind making another post with the icons colored? The big ones and the ones on the flair, please. I’d vote for them, actually :smiley:

Those are pretty good, but by flairs I think it will make more sense to add a border around the avatar instead of a little sigil by the avatar, as you can see @reds you can barely see the flair on your avatar due to you have a darker background. You’ll be able to distinguish the borders easier and make your avatar look even better, I found these on google just for reference.



Its a great idea overall, I would rather have the flair before or after my name. I just wanted to give my two cents on it. But ultimately its your choice.

Out of all these look the most pleasant to the eye. But The dark blends too much with the border andis hard to distinguish. Perhaps add more inking around?

Thanks for the input! And great idea. I’ve updated my flairs. What do you think?

Just added them. What do you think?

Thematic and lovely <3

@reds here you go!
This colored version is @Talleyrand’s



Thanks! I think these a re the ones I like best

I like those ninja’s aswel!

I think the current icons are better. Clean and neat.


reds%20flairs%20ninja%20hex reds%20flairs%20samurai%20hex

@reds , are those for flairs too? They look pretty cool!

I made these while taking a break from coding after lunch:


…feel free to use them as you please :wink:


@rraallvv yes, they are! I just used the ones @Hextic posted above next to my avatar to see how they’d look like.

Yours are actually really cool! Lots of creativity there. The main thing is that the details won’t be really distinguishable when scaling to a small flair size. It would look cool if it was the actual avatar, but not so sure about the flair… What do you think?

reds%20flairs%20ralv%20ninja reds%20flairs%20ralv%20samurai

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Yes, unfortunately the details are lost when the images are scaled down. I’m not sure if there is a way to use them as avatars on the forum though. Hopefully the community could come with some suggestions for a pretty cool use for those :sweat_smile:

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Depends on how you made them and what others could look like. Happy to chat about some different ways we could use them if you wanted to.

In terms of an icon, I’m still really liking the current ones now that they have the white border.

I think the samurai one would look better if the border went around the bottom and top too though.


Those are PNG images rasterized from 2d vector images, the problem is that even vector graphics look distorted when used for the those flairs placed at the bottom-right corner on the avatar image. I think I can make them in 3d and animated though :wink:

Also made this one to be used as an avatar for bots, but then realized that it could be misinterpreted as having to do something with the social structure in medieval Japan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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