Potential Nimiq wallet improvments

Good evening Nimiq community,

I have created this thread so that we as a community can share ideas and visualisations of what could potentially be added to the Nimiq wallet. This topic has not been created to push ideas through, but to provide possible inspiration for the Nimiq team.

I myself have created visualisations of what the Nimiq wallet could look like if the team decides to integrate other crypto coins. See below.

Step 1 interface with USDC

Step 2 hit the three dots

Step 3 select theter

Step 4 interface with theter

Step 5 When you try to choose an allready selected coin

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Thanks, this sounds like a great initiative and an uplifting way to go about it.

Your suggestion made me look more closely at the wallet and notice for the first time the arrows between the three boxes!

For sending, would it be good to have an address book of Contacts for each of the three tokens?

Hi Photobill,

Yea with the arrows between the boxes you can swap between each coin super easily ! Its very nice in my opinion :).

What do you mean with having a address book of contacts for each of three tokens? Because when you click on the USDC square (step 1) You will see all the transactions you send/received with USDC. (step 2). If you click on receive you can see your own USDC address.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

This was another one of my designs where I had the idea of turning the Nimiq avatars into pictures or maybe even NFTs you want.

You can choose your own picture or NFT

Thanks for your reply, it is fun to talk about these things and celebrate what has already been achieved!

In the Nimiq Wallet, look at USDC>Send>Contacts (in the top right corner). With my fiat bank account, I am able to create a list of payees (and their account details) and chose who to send to from that list. I want to be able to do the same with my Nimiq wallet.

Very nice, I like that idea - those more memorable and personalised images would be more user-friendly.