Problem in Nimiq Desktop

Hello beautiful community, i guess by the title you can tell that i’m still new at nimiq and trying to learn how this works.
Well i was told as a beginner to use the Nimiq desktop 0.3.4 it’s very easy to use, and at the same time i’m using the skypool nimiq miner. Well the thing is in skypool nimiq i can check the balance and the NIMs i mined and it can also transfer the nims automatically to my wallet. But in the nimiq desktop i’ve been 3 days mining (12h/day) and i thought it will auto transfer the nims but i didn’t recieve anything also it only shows the balance on my wallet not what i have mined.
So please i know it’s may be a stupid question but am i doing something wrong or is it just i still didn’t mine anything? And any advices about mining will be great. Thank you.

Note: i’m using backbone node http, and also i mine with the nimpool.
Note 2: If anyone can help other than giving advices here’s my adress: NQ28 11F9 VBEQ A0XG 4GHX RYB9 QA09 5U4H MJ81 Thank you.


What pool are you connected to and what hashrate does Nimiq Desktop display?

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You can check your balance and mining status here:
Login with your address in the top right corner.

Why your device is not showing up as a miner I don’t know. I will forward this thread to the pool owner.

Thanks for you patience! :slight_smile:

I already visited that link and showed me 0’s in everything, so i guessed it was the wrong site. Same thing now. But i guess it’s not mining right ?
Okay thank you for you help sir. Hope we’ll find a solution.

Hi the reason your miner isn’t showing up on the dashboard is because you forgot the include the port to your miner for example instead of you have to use :slight_smile: hope this helps.


Thank you sir. :heart::heart: