Problem with old single address


Hey together, first sorry for my english, I think it could be better :)))
I only need a little help _- after the upgrade to new multi-address accounts
I can’t transfer my funds from my old single-account; every time I want to
make a transaction I have to login again and again with my recovery-words
and the password; I see the balance of the account but I have no chance to use it;
any dea to solve this problem ? don’t forget I’m a normal user, no profi !!!


You have to give some more info, like are you using the safe? Any error shown? How are you transferring the funds? Any adblock on?

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Hello Klaus!

German? =)
What browser are you using? Is this on a phone? iPhone?
Is this your only account, or do you have other accounts in the Safe?

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Thanks for your answer; the browser is Opera; yes, I use the safe; no adblock;
every time I close the browser, the account is gone; I have to add it several times; when I want to transfer the funds for a moment in the appears an error and at the end the message is and then I have to give in the recovery-words and the password again and again;


You have won, yes German :wink: browser is Opera, no adblock; computer;
two other accounts ( Ledger and multi-address account with login-file )


That is really weird. Is your hard drive nearly full, so that the browser can’t store any more?

Do you have another browser available to import your old account into to transfer the NIM?

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No, there is enough free storage; now I will try it with Chrome, Explorer and Firefox;
may be I’ll find the wright settings; I’ll tell you


Hey Soeren,
no chance - I can’t use my account; after login with recovery-words and password I
get the message “your account is ready”, but that’s all; if I try to send some Nimiq for
example in the address-bar of the Chrome-Browser is this shown:
so for me it looks like you can use your account only with a login-file or a Ledger;
for information - the next few days I can’t answer you, I need some days without
computer and internet:wink: