Project Premium: Creating a better web by funding publishers and creators


The web today is broken. Web publishers put hard work into articles, comics, pictures, and videos only to get fractions of a cent in advertising. Paywalls are closed-source and not user friendly. After all, we can’t expect every user to pay every website you visit.

I’d like to propose a new business model, one where users can subscribe to their favorite sites to gain access to exclusive content, a private mailing list, ad-free experience, and other benefits. Subscribing can be done using Nimiq (would be nice if nimiq supported recurring transactions) or Credit Card (if webmaster sets up paypal/stripe).

By using Nimiq, we can create a simple, open subscription protocol instead of relying on third parties like Stripe.

This project will be open source under a permissive license! (likely MIT). For a while there will not be any source of profit, but if it is very successful then I could start a business by bundling subscriptions to multiple high-quality websites. I am open to other funding platforms, like Gitcoin.

What you’re funding:

  • Domain Name(s) for Project Premium
  • Design for the project, including a simple Logo and an improved version of Nimiq-style that will make it easier for devs to use Nimiq-style in their projects
  • Labor for Project Premium, including my labor and tips to other contributors
  • Promotion of the project, which will indirectly benefit Nimiq
  • Promotion of Nimiq, in the form of being listed as a sponsor and listed as a payment option
  • Requesting 2,000 USD to cover above costs


An open faucet will allow for functions in this app and empower other devs to make their own browser-based, blockchain-powered apps. My own use of the faucet will be to embed it into the sign-up page so that each user gets some NIM controlled by the app, which can be used to log data to the blockchain and claim a username. Integrating Nimiq Blockchain into web3 tech stacks should improve visibility for the project!

  • 50K Additional NIM is requested for the faucet


I’m using GUNDB OrbitDB, Torus, and Nimiq to promote decentralization. One of the first implementations will be a Wordpress plug-in. For credit card payments I’ll use Stripe, but if Nimiq can better support credit card payments I’d be open to that as well. I’d also be interested in using fastspot widgets.

This project will be done as a frontend and a simple backend plugin to encrypt the content.

Demo: Not done yet

Total funding requested: 2K USD + 50K NIM paid in NIM (Funds will be managed transparently on project website and/or github)

Inspired by paywall proposal from @frvfrvr!

This is a draft. Feedback is welcome!

If you’re interested in contributing, please comment below.

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