Proposal for the Nimiq StackExchange Website

A proposal for the community-powered Nimiq StackExchange website was just created. Although Q&A SE websites are a great tool for finding answers to very specific questions, they are not intended for discussion, or socializing, and good open-ended questions in the platform are rare. Fortunately the proposal is in its Definition phase now, and pretty much any kind of question can be asked :wink:, so hurry up and post any example questions that you’d like to have answered there, also follow the proposal to receive notifications when it reaches the next phase.

Hey community, I’ve added the 5 example questions I’m allowed to on the Nimiq SE website proposal, and one question for discussing whether the Nimiq SE website should allow recommendations or not on the SE Are 51 meta discussion website.

Other community members can post up to 5 example questions as well, and all the meta discussion questions you think would help in the definition phase of the Nimiq SE website.

I tried to “sell” Nimiq a bit in some of my questions but those were downvoted, so I’ll need to edit those :sweat_smile:

The proposal have three days to get at least 5 followers or it could be removed, so it would be very much appreciated if you could follow it, if you already have a SE account.

There are also other SE websites in the network dedicated to cryptocurrencies, just in case you need a justification to create an account :wink: