Scam impersonating staff on recent facebook post

Hello, just wanted to bring this to your attention ASAP to get it removed. They’re impersonating you, liking their own comments as well as doing a dumb doubling money scam.
(No known victims)

Link to comment:

The comment:
"Happy New Year to the NIMIQ Community. In Accordance with the new year. 100,000,000 NIMIQ Bonus will be shared to Holders of 100,000 NIMIQ.
To verify your Address send 100,000-20,000,000 NIMIQ and you will receive 300,000-60,000,000 NIMIQ Instantly. This offer is still available till we remove it.

NIMIQ Address:

NQ46 LVVB 3C0E F28J CXKX 0LMS 7Q16 GHAP 2XYK" <— SCAMMERS ADDRESS [I will be monitoring it, they’ve sold through HOTBIT before so maybe we can KYC them.]

Link to SCAMMERS fake facebook to report:*F

Just wanted to alert you to remove the comment it is an obvious scam, but looks bad on our social media pages.

As always thanks to the team

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Let’s report that fake FB page with all our might


@NIM Thanks for letting everyone know, let’s get everyone to report them.

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With every new post this unfortunately happens, I delete these kinds of comments almost every day and I must not be the only one.

We really need to find a more automated solution.