Share Your Feedback on Nimiq Pre-Staking Testnet Here!

Hello, Nimiq Community!

We are excited to have launched the pre-staking on the Nimiq Testnet and now, we need your valuable feedback! This thread is dedicated to collecting all your insights, experiences, and suggestions related to the pre-staking process. Whether it’s a bug report, a user experience suggestion, or any general comments, we’re here to listen.

How to Provide Feedback:

  • Describe Your Experience: Tell us about your overall experience with the pre-staking process. What went well? What could be improved?
  • Report Issues: If you encountered any problems, please describe them in detail including how and when they occurred.
  • Suggestions: Have ideas on how to make pre-staking better? Let us know!

Your input is crucial in helping us refine and improve pre-staking to ensure it meets the community’s needs and expectations for the Mainnet. Let’s make Nimiq better together!

Looking forward to your comments and thank you for participating!

Pre-staking worked like a charm :+1:

just curious, what is the purpose of pre-staking? What happens if I don’t pre-stake before the mainnet launch date?

Pre-staking overall is smooth, straightforward. Pre-stake button now seems consistently visible.

Might want to think about messaging on what to expect after pre-staking is complete. These could be in-wallet pop-ups similar to the on-boarding ones or by other means.

In other words - we reached block 3029130, now what? How long will the wait be until the pre-stake becomes active? Which blockchain explorer to monitor? Am I in the right wallet?

Maybe show a readiness counter somwhere in-wallet to display how close we’re getting to the 80% readiness window for each 1440 PoW blocks (each day) and then the 10 confirmations before the POS chain actually begins? And that the wallet is now synced with the new POS chain. It could be fun to experience the progress and be informed during the transition, all in the wallet.

Claimed from faucet, and staked it without problem.
Only thing I noticed during the experience was this grey box that seemed like something didn’t load.