Skypool Information

Skypool is the first pool of Nimiq, launching at Nimiq Mainnet first day


  • Main page:
  • Clients:
  • Skypool accounts mining blocks number is No.1, much more than No.2.
  • Stable and transparency, global node server, including EU, US, Hongkong and Shanghai.
  • Skypool client supporting CPU and GPU, using skypool protocol, port 4000.
  • Skypool server also support nano and smart protocol Nimiq mining client, port 5000.
  • Skypool provides proxy program to transfer clients network connection.


Can it work with Nimiq Desktop Miner (Windows)?

Skypool used to have their custom communication protocol between the miners and the pool which made them incompatible with the ‘standard’ communication protocol all the other pools and mining clients use. I’m not sure whether this has changed over time because it’s very quiet around everything that is happening with the pool.

You can give it a try with Nimiq Desktop. The proper host and port information can be found here:


Read this information which tells me it should be compatible with Nimiq Desktop. Based on this I would try the following based on your location:

The port is 5000 as stated in the quote above. =
(however, it seems not to pay out well compared to