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I commented out this issue on Telegram channel and I got a response, but I think that this forum is a better place.

The problem is the following: i have two computers, every time I withdraw some amount form an exchange I use to create a new HD address. I think that this is the securest way to act. So first of all thank you for implementing HD addresses.

The problem is that if I create one new address on computer 1 and then send some founds to there, we I go to computer 2, the new address is not there.

I can fix this easily, I just dump the private key and the import it again, But this has two problems, the first on e, it’s really annoying and the second one, it’s really risky, I need to dump the key and this is far away from being secure.

So please, if I were a normal user (that is, an unser that does not understan blockchain techlonolgy) I’d expect to find the new address if i change the computer,

I think that some kind of button like “Rescan for new addresses” will be very usefull. Even better, just make this update automatically.

Thank you and congratulations for you work.


There are two similar features on the roadmap, namely Synced contact book and Private key syncing, so it could be added too.

Hi @Bittiriko!

Interstingly, the suggestion of rescanning came up recently internally as well.

Until we have that (not saying that we will or when), you can also simply add the new address on your second computer with the ‘+ Add Address’ button, just like you did on the first computer. You just need to select the same identicon (avatar).

Then there’s no need to import your private key again (since it already is on the second computer with your other addresses).

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true! I didn’t think about that!