Social Media Giveaway app

A website or app that will pick winners for various social media giveaways. With Nimiq on-boarding being such an easy process it already lends itself well to giveaways. So the app or site would need just a few functions to take advantage of that. Such as being able to input the post’s url from any major social media platfrom where the app will automatically pick from the list of criteria set by the poster. such as, likes, shares, follows or replys. I envision the site would have just a few inputs required by the poster, they’d select the social media platfrom, the criteria(s) to pick from and the value they are giving away, be it $NIM or a certain USD/EUR value that’s then converted to $NIM at the time of the giveaway. Perhaps even make it to where the poster can set a specific date/time for the site to pick the winners automatically. Could also have share functions on it making it easier for the creator to share the results. On the app it would be a good idea to include a video or announcement of some kind to remind the winners to back up their wallets with the log in file and 24 words.

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