Spread the word about NIMIQ!


Nimiq has been under the radar for logtime. Let’s not hide any longer! How do you explain Nimiq to others? In order to spread the word without just shilling the coin like “check out Nimiq”, it could help if we had some standard eplanation in order that the Nimiq Project description is correct and complete. Any thoughts/ideas?

The text should at least contain some Information about the following topics in my opinion:

  1. Albatross (POW --> POS, thus reaching high TPS)
  2. Oasis (non custodial)
  3. Fast onboarding for new users
  4. Partnerships (like Trinkler Software or WEGBank for instance)

Spreading the word about Nimiq is really important and I think that I have a lot of expierence in doing that. I am a salesman :briefcase:, so I know how to spread the message in something I believe in.

It starts with telling about Bitcoin. Almost everyone knows Bitcoin.

  1. What is Bitcoin? Talk about the advantages and why it is better than every other monetary system that exists today.
  2. Tell them that Bitcoin was once worth: 0.07$ per BTC
  3. Say Nimiq is an alternative to Bitcoin but better on every aspect. Here you can tell everything you know about Nimiq.
  • 9,9% Stake in WEG Bank.
  • Big Exchange Listing upcoming.
  • Albatros, OASIS
  • Completely Internet Based
  • Nimiq gives 3.2 Billion people a chance to own a bank account in 30 seconds
  • Nimiq is doing everything legit and by the book (not breaking any rules)
  • Nimiq will be listed on Binance and Coinbase one day.
  • blablabla you get my point
  1. Mention the potential and price of $NIM on that moment and compare the Market Cap of Nimiq with Bitcoin. (FOMO)
  2. Tell them how you invested (Exchange etc.) and If you trust it enough, brag about how many $NIM you have
  3. Explain where to Buy and how easy it is. Tell them to always DYOR or else they will call you the next day for a refund :joy:

This is how I explain Nimiq to people (18-55yo). And it ends up 7/10 people buying Nimiq with just 50/1000 euro’s to start.


I see a lot of the info about certain exchanges, oasis and albatros. None of which exist for Nimiq at the moment. The whole bank thing and agora trade, none of that means anything at the moment because there isn’t a working product. Agora for example is listed under exchanges you can buy nim on but the last few times I’ve checked nim is nowhere to be found. These types of things make Nimiq look like its being hyped and not based on it’s actual accomplishments to date. All of which are worth looking into Nimiq for. Just my two cents. I hate hype.

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Hype is kinda what runs the market though.
That said I agree we should concentrate on the current strong points instead of overfocusing on the future.

As when it comes to introducing Nimiq it depends of the background of the person.
If it’s a crypto enthusiast then it’s pretty straightforward: Nimiq is solving the usability problem and you just have to invite the person to create a wallet and send some NIM to make your point, if they get it then cool, if they don’t then their loss (that’s why I think cashlinks will be great for onboarding, just with few thousands NIM de will be able to get a dozens of people to try Nimiq, if only 10% of them keep with is then it would be huge).

The hardest part is getting people not interested in crypto to try, I think it’s better to discuss monetary policies as a whole (which is not the funniest topic let’s be honest) before jumping to cryptos.
That said “do you want to try cryptocurrencies” can be just as good too.

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Mh… well, your right, but look how undervalued Nimiq is. People look at it at say: whaaaat? It must be a scam (or a shitcoin, at least if they look at the ICO price). We need to let people know that it is not a scam, and that the project is extremely interesting. Thus people buy/mine Nim and --> marketcap rises <–. That isn’t the job of the Nimiq team, we, the community need to spread the word. This is my opinion. Further, there are more than 2000 coins on the market. Some good projects will NEVER succeed, simply because of lack of markething. Isn t this a shame? Great work by developers for nothing? My point is: not always the best system will be adopted, but the first coming. Bitcoin has low confirmation time and high fees. They say that Lightning Network will be the solution. But that means centralization also! This isn’t what Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision was about. NIMIQ is a better version of BITCOIN.


Big push should be around the useability of Nimiq. Bitcoin was the world’s first trustless money, Ethereum was the worlds first smart contract platform, why can’t Nimiq be the world’s first easy to use money?


We should have a team of ambassadors willing to host talks about Nimiq in their cities along w/ free giveaways (like that one dude from Malaysia). I’ve seen projects like EOS (not a fan of the project) doing this when they first started. I think it can really help with gradual exposure.