Spread The Word NIMIQ blockchain on the social media channels

Dear Nimiq investors (Hodlers) and traders, this bear market has been rough and still rough for each of us. Our portfolio is weigh is decreasing week after week despite all the development progress achieved by the team. The team Nimiq is hard is hard at work and is on the track to deliver Nimiq 2.0 and OASIS. Our excitement is getting bigger thinking of those two milestones. However I would we as a community to provide our support to the Team Nimiq by spreading (not spamming) the word NIMIQ Blockchain in social media platform like Youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc… by simply asking to the influencer is they heard about Nimiq Blockchain and ask them if they could do a publication on it. I am sure we can the attention of some and it can be a free marketing for us.

Kindly share your suggestions.


Great! Yes, we plan to provide more content and actions to our active community to share the progress of Nimiq on the webs. Thanks for starting this, for sharing this positive energy! :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure why the team is necessary for what has been described in this post.

There’s plenty of different groups that could be reached out to with many different pitches, all of which the community can come up with and act on without the team’s involvement.

For example, there are crypto influencers, streamers, and game creators that could be reached out to.

And as for pitches, personally I believe a pitch carries more weight when it’s:

  • genuine
  • created by the person pitching
  • and even better if it’s custom to the person being pitched to.

So with that in mind I think it’d be against my own beliefs to suggest pitches, but I think a separate forum post where we collect together everyone’s different points could be useful to help people craft their own custom pitch.

We’ve been thinking about using Nimiq Cafe for this purpose. The other option is creating a channel specifically for that, but I feel we already have to many channels. I suggest we used Nimiq Cafe specifically for this purpose. Sharing content ideas, posts and tweets we can like/comment etc etc. There are many supporters who are happy to speak out loud about their love for Nimiq, let’s get together and organize in Nimiq Cafe!

Why not use the forum for something like this. Half the things that get said in any of the chat channels usually gets responded to with “wow great idea you should post that in the forum”.

Using Nimiq Cafe for this would be ridiculous imo and further prove how little the community ranks actually matter.

Cafe is for Ninja and above though, so I’m not sure why it would “prove how little ocmmunity ranks matter”

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