Super Simple Swap Referrals - Feedback

Dear Nimiq Community,

The time has come! You can now earn income with SuperSimpleSwap Referrals through referral links or your customizable widget which you can integrate on websites or apps!

Learn how to set up your referrals in our SuperSimpleSwap Referrals Tutorial.

This thread has the purpose of collecting issues and improvement suggestions. The more details you can provide, the better! Screenshots are also highly appreciated!

Thank you and happy earning
Pura Vida


With adblock turned on, SuperSimpleSwap eats the CPU - the adblock counter just keeps going up. Average user might not understand to turn off the adblock while their machine heats up.

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Hello! I’m getting stuck on the setup page after clicking through from the email secret key.

Error is “please review the form”. I’ve tried a few things, maybe I’m just being stupid, but can’t proceed past this.

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You should try switching to uBlock Origin, which also provides tracking protection