Support WeChat's browser

please support cashlink(wallet) work on wechat’s browser. don’t let user copy&paste to another browser. which mean: your parents can easy use cashlink.
the truth is: many people don’t know how to working on internet with PC. they firsttime used internet was Mobile(ios&android) & WeChat.
We often use Nimiq Cashlink as a Hongbao(cash) to promote, but it feels less useful than the Hongbao(cash) built into WeChat. It is more complicated, and the WeChat Hongbao only needs to be clicked once, which is simple and easy to use

The WeChat browser on Android can receive cashlink, but it cannot export wallet backup words or pay (because WeChat cannot pop up a new window), so the money(nim) is locked.

FYI: Firefox has about 330 million monthly active users and WeChat has about 1.15 billion


Please guide me further on how ths can be realized. I am very hooked to things like this. Thanks.