Sushipool Unprofessional Activity


Miners Beware. Potential issue at hand with Sushipool. 5 Days with no payouts to miners.

Is anyone even paying attention to what’s going on?

have you heard anything about Sushipool not paying out over the last 5 days , since July 3?
I’ve been watching their Mopsus data

About 80-90Mhs
approx 300k-400k nim per day
Approx 1.7M NIM (and growing) in the pool wallet

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@TLD posted in Nimiq Discord #sushipool channel:

SushiPool is currently experiencing issues regarding our API and Payouts System’s, this is currently causing problems for most stats such as Pool Balance, Rewards, Income Per Block, and other mining stats (MINING IS NOT AFFECTED). Our team is fully aware and working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If you have any unpaid balances do not worry because your FUNDS ARE SAFU and a full manual payout will be made shortly after it has been resolved. :nerd:

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In all my time of mining, and mining to pools, I have never ever seen a pool down for more than 24 hrs. Just doesn’t happen. So the community will deal with it as it should be. It’ll be either seen as incompetence, or worse, it’ll turn out to be theft.